About Us

Welcome to 2000voltz

The 2000 Voltz was born from an old dream of being able to customize my shirts...

I always had ideas for putting on shirts, I had already created another brand before, but I couldn't put the project into practice due to lack of investment, I even managed to make some shirts, but nothing on a large scale.

In 2011 I started this project, with some sketches and later the brand was created.

I decided to create and register the brand "2000voltz" more aimed at all sports, especially for biking and skateboarding.

As I've always ridden a bike, on BMX and MTB tracks, I've always missed a brand that represented the sport in general, both bicycle and skateboard.

In 2012 for financial reasons I had to temporarily file the project also due to lack of financial resources, but with a feeling that I would soon return with the brand. That moment arrived and now in 2021 I managed to come back with the project, I hope you like the new prints and also the evolution we made.

We are also an online store, and we ship to all over Brazil and other countries as well ;)

Special thanks to everyone who believes in this project, from friends, family, artists, athletes, customers, partners, and to everyone who helps to spread the brand in any way.